Loan without certificates

Internet loans are a great way to solve financial problems when you need an injection of cash in a short period of time. The formalities limited to the necessary minimum and the short waiting time for money make them enjoy increasing popularity. To apply for this type of funding, you do not need to submit income certificates. has more information

Proof of income

Proof of income

This document contains information about the source of income, the salary of the person concerned, as well as the frequency of payment. You can also find out how long the employee’s seniority is. Bank customers applying for a loan are the most frequently applying for an income certificate.

This document is one of the grounds for issuing a decision on the allocation of funding or refusal of credit, if, for example, earnings are too low. It is worth noting that banks often do not include the mandate and specific task contracts as reliable sources of income enabling timely settlement of the contracted obligation. People employed on this basis, even if they regularly receive payment, may have difficulty getting a loan from a bank. In such situations, loans without certificates will be a good alternative.

Loans without certificates – when should you use them?

Loans without certificates - when should you use them?

The possibility of obtaining funds for any purpose without the need to provide a certificate of income is a good solution primarily for those who can not receive such a document. This mainly applies to people with no stable income. In the case of loans without certificates, the only confirmation may be the declaration of the applicant about his earnings. Another reason why many people resign from a cash loan in a bank for an online loan is the shorter waiting time for a decision to grant funding. It happens that you have to wait a few days for the appropriate certificate issued in the payroll department, which in the case of people who need money is a significant impediment immediately. In such situations, a quick loan without certificates is preferable, as it allows you to receive money even within a dozen or so minutes of submitting your application.

In addition to the cases mentioned above, it is also worth using an online loan when low earnings could disqualify the applicant from granting the commitment and if he / she also has income from other sources. Then, on the declaration of earnings, it is enough to provide the sum of all monthly revenues. Even those not included in the income certificate, which can have a positive effect on the lender’s decision.

Online loan without certificates – for whom?

Online loan without certificates - for whom?

Fast cash without certificates is a beneficial solution for people who work on the basis of a mandate contract or a specific task contract and would therefore have difficulty obtaining a cash loan. This type of co-financing will also work for people who need money, but who earn their living on other income than paid work, e.g. alimony, pensions, pensions or scholarships. However, it is worth noting that the lack of the need to provide a document confirming regular income is not everything.

Loans to individual customers

Our offer is primarily loans to individuals. Among them you will find a cash loan, consolidation loan, loan without capacity or loan to pay payday loans. We encourage you to read the detailed, accessible description of individual solutions and choose the one that will be most suitable for you – we provide professional assistance in the field of loans for individual clients.

What requirements must be met to get a loan for individuals?

What requirements must be met to get a loan for individuals?

Loans to individual customers are among the most popular banking products. What is a loan for individuals, also called a loan for individuals, does not need to be explained to anyone. The bank provides us with a specific amount of money, which we undertake to give back within the prescribed period – plus commission and interest. Before a bank pays us money, it must become familiar with a number of information about us, the assessment of which will be decisive for the amount of the loan, amount of commission, length of the loan period, interest rate and scope and type of security for such liability. This information mainly concerns:

  • our income and sources of financing – the place of work and the type of contract with the employer (fixed-term or indefinite employment contract, civil-law contract, i.e. contract for specific work and commission contract, contract, own business activity or income from a farm, rental or lease); as well as seniority, education and the position / function we hold
  • the amount of our income over a specific period of time (documented e.g. by bank statement, certificate issued and authenticated by the employer, or annual tax liability)
  • living costs and the number of dependents – including, first of all, expenses for monthly payments (rent, water, electricity, gas, fees for internet and cable television, health subscriptions, etc.), food, fuel and / or commuting / schools, tuition for kindergarten, school or university, as well as maintenance
  • credit obligations – information on the amount and time remaining for housing loans and mortgages, loans taken, including cash loans, car loans, overdraft facilities, revolving loans, credit cards, installment loans, payday loans and other, affecting our credit standing

What can you use the loan for individuals?

What can you use the loan for individuals?

Funding options from individual loans are basically unlimited. In most cases, the funds raised can be used for any purpose we choose. Of course, the most flexible in this case is a cash loan, which will finance both the purchase of a car and an exotic holiday or dream wedding. The installment loan will help us buy the dream equipment – it is worth noting that in recent years the scope of financing available thanks to installment loans has increased significantly.

Today, in installments, we can buy not only a fridge, washing machine or computer, but also a purse, shoes, as well as expensive medical treatments. A loan for the purchase of a car will allow us to enjoy the comfort of a new car on terms usually slightly more favorable than the “general” cash loan, although it must be remembered that it requires more formalities. Consolidation loans are also extremely popular, thanks to which you can pay off other, earlier liabilities – and thanks to their combination in one bank you can enjoy a single, lower installment. Another type of consolidation loan is payday loan, which works in the same way: we transfer liabilities to one institution that repays our debts and proposes one, consolidated, lower installment.

What is the procedure for obtaining a loan?

What is the procedure for obtaining a loan?

Our activities are aimed at matching the loan to the client’s profile. The offer for individual clients gives the opportunity to obtain cash for achieving various goals. When selecting the best loan, we are guided by the customer’s situation – during the first telephone conversation we conduct an interview, which allows us to pre-determine which of the available loan options will be the best. We focus on mutual trust – it allows for efficient assessment of the situation and finding the optimal solution, while initial data verification helps us in choosing the best strategy. The information we require is:

  • expected loan amount
  • type of loan
  • current credit obligations (amounts and names of banks that support them)
  • payday payables
  • source of income and their amount
  • marital status, age, place of residence
  • possibility of obtaining a surety (or other form of loan collateral)

The next phase is mediation in negotiations between the client and the bank. We work only with trusted employees of banking institutions, whose database we have created since the beginning of our business. We have the opportunity to obtain information on the likelihood of a customer receiving a credit offer at individual banks before submitting the application. Importantly, we do not send unnecessary inquiries on behalf of our clients – blindfold activities are visible in credit checker and may cause the inability to obtain a loan from any bank. The documents necessary to submit a loan application are available on our website.